Let’s Do This!

As my mom used to say…”I was a baby cushioned in foam”! This may sound a bit crass but it was the late 60’s. It has however set the tone for my life….with a moderately dysfunctional childhood, a gut wrenching divorce that took me to my knees, a few bruises to the heart, getting hit by a car (like…my actual “body”, was hit by a car), a bit of name calling, some unusual biting and a possible ruffie situation…my life has been relatively cushioned.

I seem to have guardian angels, the luck of the Irish, good Karma and “Just the right amount of wrong” (thank you to The Cosmopolitan advertising team).”

I don’t always need a huge smack upside the head by the universe to remind me that I’m going in the wrong direction. Most of the time it’s just a gentle tap on the shoulder… Or sometimes it’s a moving vehicle right to the hip.

I’m starting to remember why I’m here…so…Let’s do this!