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I dig it when I realize how I show up to other people…especially my kiddos. I found myself at a concert one evening and in an unexpected situation…where we got to meet the band. After posting a few pictures on Instagram…that my other daughter was able to see…her friends asked her how that was possible…that we got to go backstage. She replied, “My mom has her ways.” Not surprised at all and with pride. Love it. I hope to see everyone through the eyes of my kiddos. They (our kiddos) seem to see us with such a brightness and openness…with curiosity…with a lack of judgement. They just accept us for who we are…at least for a little while. Ha! I learn so much from them every day.

Bella verses Katniss!

I remember my daughter and I having a discussion regarding Bella from the movie/book series Twilight and Katniss from The Hunger Games. Interestingly and like many teenage girls she had somewhat of a low opinion of Bella in the beginning. Katness of course was kick ass. I found myself immediately bothered by this because… maybe I identified more with Bella. I didn’t show up being a woman with all of the outwardly brave characteristics I envisioned in so many women that I admired…my bravery is inside and quiet…my external bravery grew in time. That is the beauty we get a lifetime to evolve our brave whether we start with it on the outside or on the inside.

I see you!

Stop! “…what you’re doing… ’cause I’m about to ruin, the image and the style that you’re used to.” (Digital Underground). Apologies for those who don’t know me but it is very normal behavior for me to break out into song. ;D
I’m finished now…

Stop! Take a breath. Clear your mind. The next time you encounter a person any person…a loved one, a stranger an enemy…just see (not with your eyes) them. Attempt to see past their form, their body, clothing even persona. Seek first to understand… And I think this doesn’t mean use your brain I think this means listen. Wonder…be curious…be neutral…just “be” about every person that comes into your life!

Not to mention every person you know…knows something you don’t!


P.S. After letting my daughter read this post…she reminded me that…some people are just the way they are for no good reason. And I totally agree some people are just Jackasses…but I say celebrate their Jackassery!!!!

Custom Work of Art

Each individual is a living breathing piece of art! And that creates a truly beautiful experience for us all! Just as there are many different types of art…and countless ways to express it…you can look around and see so many different types of individuals. A tapestry, a mosaic…or even a crazy-quilt of a person!

My experience as a woman is and continues to be…transforming. And to be a woman with young daughters…knowing there are things you can not or do not want to protect them from. Things that will hurt so badly that they truly and perfectly shape them into the beautiful people they are meant to be. Moments that are so glorious it radiates from within to add permanent highlight. The parts that are carved away to expose their intricate souls…and the calluses that are built that add texture…all creating wondrous dimension. Obstacles they must undertake to create tone. Dark recedes and light creates highlight. And we experience a plethora in varying degrees and shades of dark and light… Happy and sad… Anger and joy. All of these necessary to achieve the final piece.

A custom work of art!


Have as many experiences as you can!
Life is like an experiment…make choices…fail…learn lessons.

When my daughter is studying for her spelling test…she has anxiety when she doesn’t know how to spell the words automatically. Where this anxiety stems from I have no idea. She puts more pressure on herself then I have ever put on her. This is her lot…and I am just a proud observer of who she is…here to help her through life…the best I know how. I tell her this is how you learn by getting it wrong and seeing how to make the adjustments. She didn’t show up knowing the exact spelling of every word. And we did not show up knowing how to get through life perfectly… Or maybe we’ve forgotten…and need to tap into knowing!?!?