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48 hours with a Psychic!

48 hours with a psychic.

So I found myself on my knees in a place of great suffering. Mind you I always suffer in silence. However this time that just did not do the trick. I am so grateful to all of the people that were there to catch me. I had to completely let go of everything and just hope that I had a safety net. And man did I. The Universe needed me to know that no matter what I will always be okay. I got the message!!!!

People came out of the woodwork to help sharing kindness, encouraging words, patience, cash, food, understanding, insight, laughter and love.

Laughter has to be the most healing thing I know. So interesting the movie Monsters Inc. comes to mind. For most of the time they were trying to use children’s screams for power when really there was 100 times more power in their laughter. WOW, love it. Hollywood strikes again… Do they even know they’re doing it!?!

Among the many friends that were there to help me, Stella is the one this particular post is about. She is my psychic friend. But I will now call her a healer…who happens to have psychic/ medium abilities… which seem to only enhance her healing gift. I would like to tell you that she put some sort of vodoo or spell on me but if she did I was completely unaware. What I noticed is her calm peaceful essence…filled with lightness and laughter. And I won’t lie when you’re psychic friend tells you it’s going to be okay it seems to carry more weight than your regular old friends (no disrespect to my regular old friends). ;D/

So here’s the fun part. I spent at least 48 hours with this wonderful lady. I got to ask her questions and observe her as she goes about her day as well. Along with these labels above she is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend. She has many degrees and was on the Dean’s list. She is retired from the government. She has had many joyful and painful experiences related to herself and her children and family. Her mother and grandmother were psychic as well. So intriguing. She is just like you and me but she has this fantastic gift. This post is in an effort to bridge the gap between her fantastical life and our regular old non-psychic/medium life.

She fed me, did my laundry, and sat with me. We watched a movie, sat in silence and talked for hours. She did tell me one of my cats wants more attention…BUSTED… Always know I’m neglecting the cats… I’m just so tired when I get home…lol. But I’m much better now. ;D

Mind you it’s very unlike me to invite someone in to take care of me. Most of my life I have existed in survival mode… doing it all myself, and liking it that way. I think one of the greatest injustices that we can do to ourselves is to not ask for help…to not let others know we are suffering. There is a likelihood that everyone else is suffering somewhere in their lives too but nobody is speaking out in an effort to share.

One of the questions I asked her was, “did her gift help her have answers for tests, help her make the Dean’s list”? And yes…her psychic abilities would show her pictures in her mind that allowed for insight and answers. I’d like to call this cheating… I’m not going to. It’s just terribly interesting to me. Especially because she offers all of her knowledge to help others. So basically she was given a push by the creator. A leg up!

And let’s for a few minutes talk about those people who came to visit me. One in particular had been concerned about meeting her. I can only assume that she knew that if they were to meet face-to-face she would be able to see everything. And I won’t lie I’m pretty sure she can see a lot. I will not name names ;D/ but I will say she did hide behind my 12-year-old daughter…lol…As if that could keep her from knowing or seeing stuff. And then others who are as intrigued as I was and had many many questions? For instance “you’re a psychic, can you tell me when my boobs are going to ever stop growing?”…lol… And she did tell her. At this point she’s pretty much met most of my friends and family…well on her way to becoming family as well. It does take a village we would be lucky to have her in the tribe.

She drove me to my doctors appointment and what an experience that was. First of all I believe she has guardian angels around her car at all times. Lol…Observing people and their driving patterns are interesting. I just remember thinking WOW! that was a bold turn. On the way she recognized a spirit that may have passed at that spot on the side of the road. It somehow recognizes that she communicates with spirits and evidently joined us. From what I can tell this happens to her all the time. I can tell you that I was present for this but cannot say I observed it. At this point my mind is completely open I’ve had too many experiences in her presence to not believe. Eventually she sent him back to where he came from!??? And then starts talking about the guy in the car next to us. But, it was necessary for me to clarify because I couldn’t tell whether she was speaking to an actual living person or a spirit…And remember to her this is a very normal occurrence. Not unusual at all. This is her life and has been since she can remember. Can you imagine driving and having this experience at the same time. Definitely angels for bumpers. Two weeks later I drove down that same road and saw that there was a few bouquets of flowers laying at that same spot…they were not there when we drove by before. So weird and so awesome.

She drove me to my doctors appointment. And I can tell immediately the girls at the front desk are intrigued. There is something about her presence that demands your attention. She proceeds to tell my acupuncturist/chiropractic/bulging disc specialist (all-around magic man) that he has many ancestors that guide him. And then explains she’s a healer and psychic medium. He leaves the room then she asked me if he’s married?!? Lol! Now she’s playing Cupid. I’m thinking oh my gosh what is HE thinking. When I met her I was looking for this kind if thing…and it/we/she just happened upon him…he shows up to work one day and Voila! He’s getting a reading and possibly a girlfriend if she has anything to do with it. When he reentered she did ask him if he was single and/or had single brothers. In any other state I would have been mortified…but again when a psychic says stuff like this you tend to pay attention. He is married…nonetheless a treasure and all brothers were in Japan. Good to know she’s looking out for her sister!

So we leave and she explains to me that he is a very kind man with a great sense of humor and that he has 10 of his ancestors (in spirit) who are always with him to offer him guidance wisdom and support. And I cannot see this myself I’m just taking her at her word and it’s easy to believe when you’ve been around her this long. I WANT to believe this! How awesome that this man whose taking care of me has this kind of guidance.

All in all I feel like it was an extremely rare opportunity…to build a friendship…to truly observe with curiosity, the life, love and kindness of another person/soul . Not to mention being still and humble enough to except the care from so many loved ones near and far. Your family and friends always tell you they’ve got your back. At this point I am certain and would bet money on them every time. It feels good to be loved!


I don’t even know what I don’t know!?!?

I was having a particularly rough couple of weeks and I happened to talk to Stella (my very fabulous psychic friend ;D… She knows stuff). I mentioned that I was struggling and so was everyone else around me. She very casually said…” It’s Mercury in retrograde”…It will pass soon. Who knew!?!?! How did I not know this??? How have I never heard of mercury retrograde. So I googled it…and whatta ya know!?!! Mercury in retrograde has been around a long time. Lots of people know about it. Shouldn’t everyone know about this cosmic phenomenon… Or does the information find its way to you when you need to know.

It’s crazy… I don’t even know what I don’t know! So now I will share what I know! Brace yourself… It’s about to start again .
How to survive Mercury in Retrograde


Turning It Back On!

Tapping back into your intuition…your own personal guidance. This is how it all started. I walked into Stella’s office and sat down. There is one other person in the room and they were already knee-deep in conversation before I walked in… I catch the tail end (no pun intended) of it and they’re talking about horses in the room. This is where I’m thinking… What did I get myself into! The room isn’t very big… I’m sure I wouldn’t have missed a horse… But she is referring to a horse “spirit”. Okay?!?? But within a few minutes she asked me a question that that centered me on the experience. She did it with one word. And from that moment on…I was a believer…in her gift. With one word she called me out on my skepticism and reinforced her authenticity…with a firm and gentle guiding hand. With one word the veil was lifted.

This experience was one of a guided meditation. I must say this was a first for me…and on a new level. You attempt to connect with a lost pet. I know how this will sound to “some people”…and I was a “some people” before I walked into this room. The experience I had was emotional. I shed tears…tears of a lost love. I suppose if you are looking for this type of experience this is a good way to go about it. If God can reach into your heart…of course it would be here…around a tender unguarded place.

And this is only the beginning!

The Stella Sessions

The Stella sessions.

Where do I begin!?!?

I found a psychic medium! Or rather she found me. When a spiritual awakening happens it does not mess around.

Someone once told me that it seems that I have gotten used to excepting crumbs. I used to think that was a negative thing. Now it seems like the powers that be leave me crumbs along the way to guide my path. But the crumbs now are bigger and more frequent… guiding me home…to a remembrance or an awakening of sorts.

I was guided to find Stella during a very low point for me emotionally. I think this is right where God wants you BTW…humble and willing to accept natural guidance and direction with out resistance.

She was holding a class that I found on Meet Up… “Tapping back into your intuition…Turning it Back On.” In my understanding we have the power of intuition until the age of 5. That makes sense to me because it’s about the time we start going to school! Focusing on using our mind. As usual I had no idea what I was getting into. But this habit always seems to steer me in the best direction. I didn’t realize at the time…that she is a psychic/medium… But with in the first few minutes she had my attention. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship! I will admit sitting in a chair in her room and thinking this woman is a wack-a-do…lol…and I mean this with the utmost respect. I’m always up for an adventure so I thought what the heck. And at this point I don’t realize that she can tell I think she’s a Wack-a-do…LOL So she proceeds to blow my mind within five minutes of meeting her. And I’m so glad she did.

With the Stella Sessions my intention is to share treasure and all of the insights that I have gained being in her presence. And even without her psychic abilities her presence, laughter and energy are a true gift.

Estella (Stella) Sugawara-Adams
White Light Circle (Facebook)
1113 Hampshire Lane
Richardson, Texas

If you are looking for an authentic profound experience she is your source! Only healing, goodness, love and laughter from this lady.