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Free at last!

Here we go…in honoring that my beloved and I are already one, We send this blessing forward to all who desire to connect with this message. We send it on the waves of the upcoming Eclipse and expand it to the far reaches of everywhere known and unknown.

The cosmic energy and astrology at this time are creating the making for a giant portal of release. During this rare time in our ascension I choose to fully engage in the release of all energies of fear without suffering and in the blink of an eye. I command complete freedom. Total and complete purification and eradication of fear from my body, mind and spirit. All aspects of my soul will now vibrate at the frequency of unconditional Love. This means that I AM in all ways responding from a place of unconditional pure love, to my self, my surroundings and in all things. Existing on this planet and throughout all time, space and every reality as the piece of pure source energy that I AM created from. Aligned with all aspects of my soul functioning in perfect harmony. There is not room for fear in any aspect. The energies of shame, guilt, judgement, doubt, victimization, greed, lack, grief, insecurity, unworthiness, boredom, anger, sorrow, blame, bitterness, apathy, dread, worry, impatience, lack of faith/trust in our creator and ourself or any other low vibrating frequency of fear is banished from all of my realities. I command that every person I come in contact with is aligned to this same freedom if they so choose it…instantly and without suffering. Allow the final Release of what was to rise out of you and receive the light of the new. Divine alignment for all at their highest good. Open up and let go as these waves of energy wash away the past and align the present moment, creating a future of freedom in unconditional LOVE.
I AM a Divine Being of pure Light and Love all ways and forever.

The Key to Life…

I have always said that I was going to write a book and it would be titled THE KEY TO LIFE and on every page it would say that same thing…BALANCE. Balance is the key to life. Particularly regarding Lack and Abundance…there is no lack there is only an imbalance of abundance. Abundance needs lack as well to create…you guessed it…BALANCE!

Dearly Beloveds

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this lesson in love. Revealing where we are not in a state of self love is a brilliant gift. I honor what you have come to share with me at this part of our journey. I NOW release you and I from this path that we have been walking. All of you that have been in a charge of revealing to me this place of doubt in myself are now cut and released from service. I claim my powers both masculine and feminine. Both are now equally and completely animated with divine source energy. And so it is!!!!

For You!

On your sacred journey, I pray that the winds blow away the fog and clear your path. That the rustling of the trees whisper the name that is calling you home. That the stillness allows you to hear the stirring echo of your destiny. That you allow the animals to assist in guiding you through the dark places, the rough terrain and when you are just too tired to carry-on. That the waters guide you effortlessly to your source. The rain purifies, the ocean waves knock away the edges, that the lakes and streams carry you gently forward. As you bathe in the sacred waters of Mother Earth’s pools, like amniotic fluid it is inhaled into your entire being, facilitating your rebirth. Let the sun nourish you and warm your heart, body and soul. Allow it to burn away the veils that blind you from knowing your Divinity. That the moon heal, comfort and cool you with her luminescence. Allow her pull to humble you. As you bow to that thing that is greater than us, that thing we cannot fathom yet know so well to the depths of our soul, that thing that scares us because of how wonderful it feels, that thing that offers us unconditional love in the purest form. Bow so that you may receive your blessings from your Creator. So that your Creator may remove what you have carried for so long and align you on your sacred mission. Source wants to remind you that you came to lead not to follow the ways of mankind. Those who feel that their strength is in holding and carrying the burdens of others, when it is really to be surrendered to your source so that your journey may be full of joy, peace, happiness, leisure and love as you walk through paradise. As you kneel down in the dirt I ask that you feel the pulse of mother Earth flow through your veins. Like a transfusion you are relieved and cleansed of the ways of old, the old templates, the old paradigms. That you inhale the fragrance of Divine’s love for you as it permeates your every cell to align your vibration and frequency to pure unconditional love.

When the dawn breaks and you slowly rise…seeing yourself clearly, feeling whole, hearing the call of your beloveds heart, sensing your own powerful presence, knowing that you have overcome many obstacles and now understand why. The truth revealed, your soul healed and your wisdom and memories restored. You are suddenly aware that it is all as it should be. That you are a phoenix rising. You then turn towards the morning sun with purpose and mission. As you look to the side and see your partner there standing with you, as they have been since the beginning of time. You take their hand and walk forward in your mission. Knowing it is time now to step over the threshold of the old masculine/feminine roles and step in to the new divine masculine/feminine essence of being pure LOVE. It is what you both came for.
and so it is ??!!!

Your Beloved

Know! Know! KNOW!

No amount of anyone else’s knowing can rival your own. They can only know anything about you and your journey through their own shields, visual lens, emotional blocks and hearing filter. They observe your universe through their own personal experience. KNOW who you are, what you feel, see, hear and sense. KNOW you are the master of your own ship. KNOW others can only lead you down their path or point to yours. KNOW your ship! KNOW your soul!

I Have a Particular Set of Skills

I received guidance regarding the Twin flame rays. Not so much about the particular color of the rays, but perhaps a broader perspective. I imagine a circle of white light and white reflects all colors. That light is divided into spaces similar to a clock, all the twin flame rays. Each with their own particular set of skills. I’m still unfolding this information but this is what I sense so far. 12 Rays, 12 zodiacs signs, 12 houses in astrology, 12 DNA strands…12 x 12 = 144 (referring to the 144,000). I am certain there is so much more to uncover here I’m just scratching the surface. The combination of Twin Flame pairs I am sure can be put on a graph based on certain demographics, not to mention our geographic locations. I am certain it is perfectly balanced (another project for another time). As you can view when you look at any color wheel all of the colors blend from one the the next. And many of the colors have an element of the other colors. There is no line separating one from the other. One color organically becomes the next. I envision Source energy as the base on that which we all rest on and nowhere on that space are we ever not connected. It is the illusion that blinds us for a while so that we may have experiences. And the more our own personal connection to source is strengthened the more we become illuminated. If we had all of the answers when we first arrived we would not have the lessons under our belt. We are here to guide humanity.


As the numbers on a clock change from one to another also does the ray change color, all attached to source energy, all on a particular mission. All in a sense responsible for their specific group of the collective consciousness. Every space in between representing that group they came to guide. For instance Blue Rays are the teachers. The teachers have many different areas that require guidance. For example, technology, the school system, the healthcare system, the political and environmental systems…just to name a few. And the teachers themselves are masters of words, experience and intuition… These tools assist in guiding others. Transmuting energy wherever we go, as do all Twin Flames. We teach trough energetic exchange, music, words, art and by example. So each Blue Ray will most likely be a different shade of blue until it turns to green or purple. If you’ll notice a lot of that color wheel, maybe even half has some element of blue.

Perhaps before we were awakened we were a jumble of madness in the center of that circle, fully engaged and experiencing life with the collective. For a while we seemed lost trying to blend in and follow leaders we knew in our heart were not on the divine path. And then we hear the call of our soul and realize we did not come here to follow we came here to lead. In order to lead someone, you must have walked the path yourself, acquired the light and the tools necessary to forge a path. How can we tell others how to evolve their soul, find their purpose and hold tight to their worthiness when seeking a partner, to trust their divine unfolding when we have not done the work ourselves. We as Twin Flames are living examples, sprinkled all over this magnificent planet guiding humanity to love, unity, kindness and peace. Each a rare example. A single dot on the new Earth holding the light for those who are seeking behind us. We must find that place within ourselves first. Each ray is not just one pure color, it is the perfect shade for your mission. As we awaken and the veils are lifted, we step out of the fog and move in the direction that calls to our soul. Walking forward, expanding consciousness, making the circle bigger. Our strides become longer and more confident and we end up at the outer edge of that circle.

At this time in the collective consciousness of humanity we have been in desperate need of masculine and feminine balancing. The masculine of the past seem to have not been coming from a divine presence. This, not so divine masculine, was not willing , nor in a place to just hand over power to the Divine Feminine, It was necessary to CLAIM IT!!!! Do you think we would hold this as an honor if they just said “Here, it is time we gave this to you.” There is a streak of rebel in me that is aware of that it is my duty and birth-rite to live in this balance, it is not to be given, that implies the other still holds the power. Now that we have tipped the scales of balance it is time for our Divine masculine to balance from the other side. This places us all strategically on this wheel. With a vision of the bigger picture, it is clearer to me than ever before. If we hold strong and anchor our position, there is no way that we fail to bring is planet in to the vibration of Love, Paradise, Balance, Unity, Technology and Peace. It is your job to walk your path as authentically as you can. You are defining your healing ray. Shattering old templates, healing DNA, verbal and psychological healing. Being an example of a life path that brings joy to your every day.

When we reach our goal to the outer edge of the circle it is easy recognize that every twin flame is different in some facet. So no one Twin Flame can stand in the same spot on the outer line of the circle. Humanity is in the center moving outward, walking next to us and behind us expanding…expanding towards God, Source, universe…Creator! Expanding towards LOVE!


Me and my Shadow

Hello my Beloved Shadow,

I often times live in my own little world of rainbows, sunshine, pixies, unicorns and LOVE!  It is not often that I allow you out to play in this magical world of mine.   I am just now noticing how dysfunctional that is.

By keeping you separate I realize I am keeping you in the dark…keeping you down.  In a sense keeping you dark.  I ask you for forgiveness.  I love you, thank you and I am sorry!   I realize you have just as much right to your time in the light!

Growing up it was what I remember seeing mostly in my environment, peoples dark…leading with insecurity, fear and control.   So as soon as I came to a place where I was managing my own life I ignored that part of myself.  What I saw from others seemed so out of control, so manic, like it took them over, from a place of unconsciousness.  This is not a judgement of others just an observation of consciousness.  I did not understand the lack of balance.  What I have done for decades is to stifle you.  To not allow you to breathe.  From a place of fear, ironically.   Afraid that I would express the same energy if I allowed you to surface.  When you did surface, to gasp for air it was not pleasant for either of us.  Me uncomfortable and you determined to be seen and heard.

Of course you were always there.  Every action laced with the echo of your energy.  I was only pretending that you were not there.  I realize now that I have created just as much of an imbalance as what I had previously seen in others. Because I do not speak out, you are silenced, non-verbal, but I feel you in my thoughts and through my judgments.  Just because I deny you does not mean the you are not present.  In shoving you down I did not hear you.  I became so good at ignoring your presence and dismissing you that I didn’t even realize I was missing your gifts.  You were offering at times, a warning, an awareness, a negativity or a pain you may have recognized in another.   I was meant to hear you, process your observation and act accordingly.  I am humbled at my own blindness.  Surprised to have found you attached to me the whole time.  My lovely shadow, I ask you to join me in the light and we can walk forward together the rest of the way.  You are the Yin to my Yang and I am not complete without your discernment.

Helping hands. Vector illustration on black background
Helping hands. Vector illustration on black background

Tread Lightly

It feels as though I have been weighted down with many many shrouds beneath my skin. With every new moon, full moon, eclipse and mercury in retrograde and/or energetic cosmic wave, the soul is stirred, the fear rises exposing these shrouds to the surface to receive creators light and burn them away.
I was so use to looking down at the ground, shoulders hunched over and extremely uncomfortable with attention. And now with every passing month I stand taller, bolder and braver turning my face towards the sky, shoulders back and standing tall. Still humble yet present and here to serve. Not many shrouds left to remove it seems, if so they are very light. I recognize that every day I am creating a new future, with every thought, every vibration, every action I am creating paradise!

The more clear I become on the inside, energetically speaking, the lighter I become. Rising and ascending. Treading Lightly, creating Heaven on Earth around me.

Goddess in search of a Warrior

Dating…post Spiritual Awakening ;D Briefly to catch you up, I have spent literally the last 3 years waking up. Having my heart broken to open it, cleansing my body, emotions and energy fields, harnessing the powers of my sexuality, setting all of my fears free and uncovering my soul. Now that that’s done, I have shed the shrouds that have kept me from truly seeing myself in all of my splendor, needing to find someone else to tell me these things make me worthy is no longer a need. I Love everything about myself, including so many things that 3 years ago I thought were flaws are just magic. Turns out every judgement I had about myself are the things I love most now.

Romantic relationships are a changin’ and I am prepared but no waiting. I am no longer in need of a person to fill the holes in my life, heart or soul. I was not broken I was becoming whole. I no longer need a relationship for companionship, security, love and acceptance. I offer all of these things to myself. I have met my match and it is me. I am however in the market for a partner, a Warrior of Light. Someone interested in knowing themselves to the core and beyond. Someone to enjoy getting to know me, for a few hours, months, years or decades.

Holding out for a Hero…Bonnie Tyler

“Up where the mountains meet the heavens above
Out where the lightning splits the sea
I would swear that there’s someone somewhere
Watching me

Through the wind and the chill and the rain
And the storm and the flood
I can feel his approach
Like the fire in my blood

I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night
He’s gotta be strong
And he’s gotta be fast
And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the morning light”

I went on a date recently and I was curious as to what dating is like with my new found freedom and awareness. Normally I would start by wondering if this one was “the one”?! Being single for a decade can create some interesting dating habits…LOL! This time it was more of a journey about what I might discover about myself and what I might learn about this other soul. What can we reveal to each other? What might we have to offer each other? For a brief time of course, laughter, insight, companionship, respect and enjoyment of getting to know each other. In the past, after a margarita and a tequila shot I would be wanting to make out ;D and the current me was considering it as well. I used to put so much emphasis on the kiss and it would give me a sense of a desire to know more. I no longer believe this is my guiding point to starting a relationship. I also believe that men and women have so much to share with each other and sometimes the search for love not to mention physical intimacy gets in the way of getting to know each other.

I had an unprecedented conversation with a wonderful soul, 3 1/2 hours of fun and great conversation. There was not a kiss at the end of the evening and I was very comfortable with this choice. It was my choice I didn’t even for a second consider if it was his choice or not. I did not feel the need to decide the direction of this relationship at this moment in time. Even in a subtle way kissing is a sharing of energy of a simple intimacy and I was not in desire to open that door. So in short looks like awakened dating for me has a lot less making out and lot more appreciation of my masculine counterpart.

I will admit however to being a shameless flirt. After the date he texted me and said “I did want to kiss you!” and I replied, “I have that affect!;D” I forgot to mention that being a shameless flirt is one of the things I love most about myself and I can still maintain healthy boundaries.

My Warrior looks a bit like this…
==== He lives in the light with a strong sense of integrity and is unafraid to face his darkness
==== He leads with is Heart and through kindness because this where real and authentic power lives
==== He has an unwavering desire to know himself
==== He sees the Goddess in me and is humbled, liberated and empowered in my presence
==== He embraces Love and knows he is a Warrior deserving nothing less than a Goddess
==== He seeks his destiny and follows his path with a deep knowing that he has come to find and reveal Love in the world, in himself, in me, in everyone…and he will not stop until his mission is complete
==== He is humble and bold at the same time
==== He desires the same of his partner.

Does this seem like too much to ask!?!?!?! I think not!! I think a Warrior would ask nothing less from his Goddess than to hold him to these traits. I believe everyman has these traits if they are brave enough to uncover, reveal and claim them. I hold a place in my heart for this Warrior.
Love All Ways,