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Whoa Trigger

No this is not about a horse. Although, it is relatable. If you consider that Trigger got the Lone Ranger place to place moving him forward through life, he was loyal, trustworthy and there when you he needed him most. ;D
This is what triggers are for. We are meant to utilize them to propel ourselves in knowing, balancing and revealing who we our.

Last night I triggered my daughter into a…funk, for lack of a better word as she is a teenage girl. No offense to teenage girls, they are just a tangled emotional exotic creature. I said something I thought that was playful and relatable to a movie we had just finished. We had watched Steve Jobs. He was a pure genious and in that there always seems to be some madness. There is no doubt that that man was so important to humanity, yet in this film is portrayed as a complete and total jackass. Would we want it any different?!?! Hell NO!!! Does that really matter? Only to those close to him, more than likely. If anything were different about his life would we still have the gifts that he shared?!?!? Way too many thoughts on this for this article but maybe ill rock your world later with my insights. Back to the story. It is not unknown that my daughter is a creative, intelligent and ambitious rebel. She truly is here for and aware of a mission that has been planted in her heart and soul. However, what I said must have really hit home, because she picked up her toys and left. When I say “toys” I mean cell phone. We were about to explore a new function on a photo app. I did something that was not part of the plan and she snapped at me. I felt that I said it playfully. I checked myself to see if there might have been anything malicious behind my intent and nope there was no subtext. I am aware of triggers and apparently I was meant to present this one. And she grabbed it hook, line and sinker! Next thing I know she grabs her stuff and heads to her sanctuary.

I am a peacekeeper and prefer peace, harmony and emotional balance. When things get out of whack I immediately go in to recovery mode. What can I do to fix it. I have become aware that its not my job to fix it. I was just the messenger of a trigger. It is not my job or duty to fix this for her. However, I do also like to untangle things. As I attempted to make peace I was clearly notified that my energy was not welcome in her space…lol.

What I have unraveled thus far and want to share with her, given the opportunity on her part to receive is this.
I believe she saw something about herself that was perceived as a negative thing. Although there is a mind bending debate about wrong vs. right, what I know is that every single moment offers us an opportunity to reach higher. To look at every aspect of ourselves and face it. Look it dead in the eye. Get comfy with it and if in fact is feels like a negative, ask why do I perceive it this way. Something is only negative if you allow it to be. Holdinf a weapon does not make it dangerous the action and use of the weapon makes it dangerous. Knowing about the weapon empowers us. We were all assigned a task during our journey and it is always unfolding before us. Finding a balance in compassion, love, awareness and serving your mission is…Life.

Although I was merely the deliverer of the trigger, there was still treasure for me to reveal for myself. We both had an opportunity to learn about ourselves and each other. When you remove judgement, become a curious seeker to understand, that is when growth and insight propel you into awareness and understanding.

Amen and Abracadabra!

To my Guides, Guardian Angels, all Arc Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Team, Mother Earth and Source,

During this magical ultra radiant moon I ask for miracles to abound.

I am so very grateful and humbled by the miracles I see daily! Keep ’em coming! You guys rock!!!!

I pray that the abundance of love, joy happiness, peace, magic and awakening that I have received be shared with every soul at the level of their greatest good. Please help me spread this gift from my heart, outward in a brilliant blast of light that reaches every molecule of energy that is ready and able to receive. Let it permeate body, mind and soul. Let it engulf each soul in a mist that covers this beautiful planet. Let it seep down into Mother Earth and to every animal, plant and surface. Let it reach the core of Mother Earth and touch her sacred waters…the original vibration of water. Let that water imbue the mist, push it back out towards the surface. Like amniotic fluid, allow it to be breathed in from the roots of all plants, flowers, trees, grass, sand, rocks, dirt mountains and streams. Up through the feet of every living creature. Up and up! Cleansing, purify, healing and awakening every molecule, atom every cell!

As this beautiful mist continues to rise into the skies and into the cosmos it sends this purified energy to all galactic beings, planets and the unknown. Until it reaches SOURCE!

As SOURCE receives this kiss of life from Mother Earth and bits of energy of all creation it is taken in graciously. This kiss is then infused with the power and magic of unconditional love. A love that has never been seen or felt before. A wave of pure serenity, ecstasy, joy and peace. A cosmic waves of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. In the blink of an eye this creates the ultimate miracle… unity in love and expansion for all.

Amen and Abracadabra

Let’s Get Comfortable

Sit down and let’s get comfortable! I want to unfold in front of you. Is that ok? Am I safe?

I want to reveal my soul to you. What will you do? Will you embrace me. Will you be curious. Will you be open. God has planted these desires in my heart. Will you help me explore them. It’s a puzzle I am trying to put together. Do you have a piece of it?

Will you share your soul with me? I’m interested. What desires are in your heart. I want to support you. If I have a piece of the puzzle I’d like to give it to you.

Let’s get comfy with each orther!


Looking for Love

In searching for love…It doesn’t matter that you are pretty, exotic, plain, simple, sexual, modest intellectual, worldly, funny, creative, kind, strong, quiet, independent, needy, young, thin, fit, curvy, over-weight, bold, shy, well spoken… What matters is that you lead from your core…your essence. That you constantly be true to your desires. That you be the most healed person you can be at the end of your journey. You will organically find every experience you need to heal your portion of the whole. Love will find you as you are loving yourself and embracing your special unique journey.

What if?

What if in the future there were no weapons and no crime. What if we tread lightly on this beautiful planet. We feel and experience balance in every emotion. What if there is no pain because the body/mind/spirit can heal itself. What if there was color, music and beauty everywhere because we have time and space in our day and the awareness in our lives to enjoy it . What if there were gardens of Eden resembling their climate because they are allowed to grow and flourish and die away naturally. What if we received our food from the ground and from the trees and they are offered to us naturally organically with all the nutrients we need. What if animals approached us because they sensed no reason to be afraid. Decisions were not made from fear but from love. Love, kindness and compassion rule, so there was no need for government. There is no need to work for money because people do what they love and are gifted with and trading was all that was necessary. Possessions are not necessary because people feel peace and joy from within. What if your thoughts became your reality.
Funny I think this is starting to sound like a John Lennon song.

Some may say I am naïve (a dreamer ;D) for wanting such a place. But I say I am remembering a place.

This will be an ongoing list of what I think paradise looks like. Please feel free to add your visions. I realize this is terribly far-fetched… Which honestly seems crazy to me. But my favorite quote from Gandhi is “Be the change you wish to see.” Such a powerful statement. Start as you mean to go along.


I Am!

Where are you using the words “I will not”!?

I will not be angry!
I will not spend money!
I will not eat junk food.
I will not be mistreated or disrespected.

Try out the words “I will”.

I will be happy.
I will save money.
I will eat healthy.
I will love myself.

Can you feel the difference between how much resistance “I will not” holds. How empowering I” will” is!

And then let’s go one step further.

I am happy!
I have abundance!
I eat healthy!
I am loved!



Have you ever noticed that what you’re good at and successful in at your career doesn’t always work for you at home.

Can you turn your Super power off.? Or shift gears.? Does your superpower feed your ego? Does it serve humanity?

People who are extremely good at seeing the details…often times have a laser sharp focus and may be spectacular at picking out flaws for something important at work. They can take a company and see how it can become efficient and productive. However, when you turn that particular gift onto your family And friends… It’s not quite as helpful. People unfold…and bloom. It’s not helpful to control someone’s path…so that they are more efficient and productive. Observe them as they experience their life.

My gift is empathy, compassion and a very authentic desire to know people at a personal level. Some people find it intense and annoying. I know my children think so. I have learned to catch on… Especially with my children…they are quick to remind me when I need to make a shift. I remind myself of my other superpower…having fun. Being playful. It’s a superpower everyone has… You just have to tap into it. Lighten up! Be light! (pun intended).

Your Hearts Desires

What if we were the author of our life!?! What if every word we speak we create physically.

Visualize your words creating and becoming real. Where do your words come from…your head, your ego…your heart…fear…love? Listen to your words.

Often the words seem too fall out of my mouth without thought or intention. No wonder there is clutter in my life…ha!

And then take another step. What are your thoughts? From what I understand everything is telepathy… You think it you’re sending it. I suppose this is also a benefit of meditation. Moments when we are not thinking…spinning webs…creating without true intention. When we stop the mind we are receiving…receiving guidance and goodness… Checking in with those who have eyes on the big picture.

I am attempting to take more time to clear my mind I don’t believe meditation is just about sitting quietly in the corner. You can be outside walking in nature and just quieting your mind…daydreaming…listening…being.

YOU ARE the author of your life! Create your hearts desires!


Notes from The Alchemist and The Celestine Prophecy

Heart Never stop speaking to me.

Your expectation of the moment isn’t the most important! Personal journey is always the most important and every person is here to guide you there. That’s why they say a reason, a season or a lifetime…some people are meant to be in your lives momentarily and some people are meant to be there for a lifetime we can’t always choose how long.

The Last Samurai-

Too many mind

It is beyond my understanding
Forgive my weakness!

Do you believe a man can change his destiny…I believe a man can do what he can until his destiny is revealed.