Snapshot of an Untamed Shrew

About this untamed shrew…
I don’t pretend to “know” anything…AND I hope to share what ever goodness/scandal I uncover on my journey. I’m workin’ it out online…join me. You’ll find I’m sometimes sassy, philosophical, spiritual and even a bit Bitchy! Nonconformist, kind and non-confrontational. I am an observer. A Film junkie, reader, music lover, artist and art appreciator. A mom, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor, sex kitten and a prude. Generous, selfish, bold and shy. I’m a dork and groovy. (This is starting to sound like an Alanis Morissette song). I refuse to commit…i am Marilyn and Jackie! I AM Every Woman! And am beautifully and perfectly imperfect getting the most out of this experience we call life.

3 thoughts on “Snapshot of an Untamed Shrew”

  1. So excited to follow your life in blog . I am also love to write and dig down where sometimes it tickles and sometimes it stings.. but no matter , it is said. Congratulations Amy!! Now … Let’s talk about those curve angles 😉

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