Free at last!

Here we go…in honoring that my beloved and I are already one, We send this blessing forward to all who desire to connect with this message. We send it on the waves of the upcoming Eclipse and expand it to the far reaches of everywhere known and unknown.

The cosmic energy and astrology at this time are creating the making for a giant portal of release. During this rare time in our ascension I choose to fully engage in the release of all energies of fear without suffering and in the blink of an eye. I command complete freedom. Total and complete purification and eradication of fear from my body, mind and spirit. All aspects of my soul will now vibrate at the frequency of unconditional Love. This means that I AM in all ways responding from a place of unconditional pure love, to my self, my surroundings and in all things. Existing on this planet and throughout all time, space and every reality as the piece of pure source energy that I AM created from. Aligned with all aspects of my soul functioning in perfect harmony. There is not room for fear in any aspect. The energies of shame, guilt, judgement, doubt, victimization, greed, lack, grief, insecurity, unworthiness, boredom, anger, sorrow, blame, bitterness, apathy, dread, worry, impatience, lack of faith/trust in our creator and ourself or any other low vibrating frequency of fear is banished from all of my realities. I command that every person I come in contact with is aligned to this same freedom if they so choose it…instantly and without suffering. Allow the final Release of what was to rise out of you and receive the light of the new. Divine alignment for all at their highest good. Open up and let go as these waves of energy wash away the past and align the present moment, creating a future of freedom in unconditional LOVE.
I AM a Divine Being of pure Light and Love all ways and forever.