For You!

On your sacred journey, I pray that the winds blow away the fog and clear your path. That the rustling of the trees whisper the name that is calling you home. That the stillness allows you to hear the stirring echo of your destiny. That you allow the animals to assist in guiding you through the dark places, the rough terrain and when you are just too tired to carry-on. That the waters guide you effortlessly to your source. The rain purifies, the ocean waves knock away the edges, that the lakes and streams carry you gently forward. As you bathe in the sacred waters of Mother Earth’s pools, like amniotic fluid it is inhaled into your entire being, facilitating your rebirth. Let the sun nourish you and warm your heart, body and soul. Allow it to burn away the veils that blind you from knowing your Divinity. That the moon heal, comfort and cool you with her luminescence. Allow her pull to humble you. As you bow to that thing that is greater than us, that thing we cannot fathom yet know so well to the depths of our soul, that thing that scares us because of how wonderful it feels, that thing that offers us unconditional love in the purest form. Bow so that you may receive your blessings from your Creator. So that your Creator may remove what you have carried for so long and align you on your sacred mission. Source wants to remind you that you came to lead not to follow the ways of mankind. Those who feel that their strength is in holding and carrying the burdens of others, when it is really to be surrendered to your source so that your journey may be full of joy, peace, happiness, leisure and love as you walk through paradise. As you kneel down in the dirt I ask that you feel the pulse of mother Earth flow through your veins. Like a transfusion you are relieved and cleansed of the ways of old, the old templates, the old paradigms. That you inhale the fragrance of Divine’s love for you as it permeates your every cell to align your vibration and frequency to pure unconditional love.

When the dawn breaks and you slowly rise…seeing yourself clearly, feeling whole, hearing the call of your beloveds heart, sensing your own powerful presence, knowing that you have overcome many obstacles and now understand why. The truth revealed, your soul healed and your wisdom and memories restored. You are suddenly aware that it is all as it should be. That you are a phoenix rising. You then turn towards the morning sun with purpose and mission. As you look to the side and see your partner there standing with you, as they have been since the beginning of time. You take their hand and walk forward in your mission. Knowing it is time now to step over the threshold of the old masculine/feminine roles and step in to the new divine masculine/feminine essence of being pure LOVE. It is what you both came for.
and so it is ??!!!

Your Beloved