Tread Lightly

It feels as though I have been weighted down with many many shrouds beneath my skin. With every new moon, full moon, eclipse and mercury in retrograde and/or energetic cosmic wave, the soul is stirred, the fear rises exposing these shrouds to the surface to receive creators light and burn them away.
I was so use to looking down at the ground, shoulders hunched over and extremely uncomfortable with attention. And now with every passing month I stand taller, bolder and braver turning my face towards the sky, shoulders back and standing tall. Still humble yet present and here to serve. Not many shrouds left to remove it seems, if so they are very light. I recognize that every day I am creating a new future, with every thought, every vibration, every action I am creating paradise!

The more clear I become on the inside, energetically speaking, the lighter I become. Rising and ascending. Treading Lightly, creating Heaven on Earth around me.

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